How to cook in a slow cooker pea puree

Pea mash

Such a dish as pea puree is prepared in different ways. But the quickest and easiest is cooking in a slow cooker. Peas cooked in a slow cooker are tastier than if cooked in the usual way, as it is cooked under pressure and with the most optimal heating system. Therefore, this dish will be tastier and even healthier.

The benefits of peas and mashed potatoes from it, is well known. This legume is unique. This is a very low-calorie meal, but it also contains a lot of protein.. Moreover, peas contain essential amino acids (lysine) and antioxidants, which increase the body's immune forces, relieve chronic fatigue, rejuvenate the body, and have a beneficial effect on the skin and cardiovascular system. That is why pea porridge is always prescribed to athletes and people who are "on a diet."

Fortunately, the recipe for cooking dishes from this legume culture is almost always simple. Many diets are harmful because they deprive the body of the substances it needs. Peas are unique in this respect - it contains proteins and carbohydrates in the most optimal ratio, besides this carotene contains provitamin A, B vitamins (B1, B2, B6), C, macronutrients and some trace elements. If you don't have multicookers here's a recipe for you peas without soaking recipe without multicooker.

Pea puree in a slow cooker is very tasty and healthy. True, you can cook it in different ways. To make it clearer stages of cooking, for each stage there is a photo. multivarka may be any, the main thing that it was attended by different modes of cooking. For example, if you usually cook in a Redmond multicooker, then most models have cooking modes for beans, rice, pilaf, and so on. If the mode "beans" is not, then you can replace it with the mode "rice" or "pilaf".

So, first prepare everything you need. To prepare the dishes we need:


Peas 1 glass
Bow 1 bulb (medium)
Carrots 2 pcs (average)
Vegetable oil three art. spoons
Greens, spices and salt to taste


1. First choose the peas. It can be whole, crushed and crushed. The most delicious is considered whole, but it has been preparing the longest. And mash it a little harder. Boil crushed peas fastest. Which one to choose for cooking pea porridge in a slow cooker is up to you. The recipe of cooking is still one. If you can not decide, there is the surest way. Take crushed peas - something between a crushed and whole.

Selected peas

2. Peas must be thoroughly rinsed. The quality of washing depends on the taste of the future dishes, and the color and consistency. Flush should be until the moment when the water will remain clear.

Washed peas

3. After thoroughly washing the peas, we place it in the slow cooker. Fill with water. How much water to take depends on your preferences. The recipe of mashed potatoes of average density assumes one and a half glasses of boiled water, if you like a little watery - pour more.

Water peas

You should know that the pea puree in a slow cooker will be slightly thicker than in a regular saucepan. A little bit. This is due to the fact that under pressure and thanks to an optimal heating system, peas will be processed evenly throughout the volume. Water should be salted to taste, but not to normal salinity - a little less.

4. As in the photo, we select the “beans” mode and the 25 time of minutes. You can cook longer, but the peas are too boiled soft. As already mentioned, if there is no such mode, then we set the mode “rice” or “pilaf”. These are about the same temperature and pressure modes.

Set the mode of multicooking

5. While preparing pea porridge in a slow cooker Redmond cooking onions and carrots. These are optional attributes of a tasty pea, but desirable. In general, the recipe provides for only the actual peas, butter and spices. Everything. But with carrots and onions it is tastier and healthier. Cut carrots and onions into thin slices - as in the photo. Carrots can be grated on a coarse grater - it is more convenient and faster. True, experienced chefs say that sliced ​​carrots are more delicious. But this is an amateur.

Sliced ​​Onions and Carrots

6. Our puree continues to boil, and we fry onions and carrots. Onions should be golden - this is the color of readiness. Usually, for those 25 minutes of cooking mashed potatoes, you can have time not only to fry the onions and carrots, but also to cook something else. If you see fit.

Fried onions and carrots

Once the peas are ready, mix them with roasted carrots and onions right in the pan. And put in the plate is ready pea mash. You can decorate the dish with greens.

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