How to cook lean pea porridge

cooked porridge in a bowl

Many modern housewives cannot imagine their life without a slow cooker, since it greatly simplifies the process of cooking tasty and healthy food. In the porridges prepared in this way, all nutrients and beneficial substances, vitamins and trace elements are retained. The advantage of a kitchen appliance is also in the fact that the dishes are rich and aromatic, like in a Russian stove. Miracle helper will be a faithful companion in the preparation of porridge during the post. Lean pea porridgecooked in a slow cooker according to a special recipe will be the perfect dish during this period. A pea pock in a slow cooker produces an excellent consistency, light aroma and divine taste.

The dish is suitable for garnish, and as an independent dish. For this porridge you can make an aromatic sauce based on onions, carrots and tomato paste. Roasted vegetables perfectly complement the taste of a lean porridge. This dish is considered useful and not high in calories. В 100 grams of finished porridge is about 130 kilocalories, which is the best characteristic for a lean dish.

To properly prepare the dish in a slow cooker, you need a proven and simple recipe.


For the preparation of lean pea porridge will need the following ingredients:

Peas 500 grams
Water 1 liter
Salt 1 teaspoon
A mixture of ground peppers (black, white, red) pinch
Greens for decoration (parsley, green onions, lettuce) few branches and leaves


Step-by-step cooking of pea from porridge with photos:

1) To cook boiled, tasty and healthy porridge, it is important to choose the right grits. The peas are presoaked with water in a deep bowl on the 3-4 hours. Before preparing the dish, drain the liquid and rinse the peas thoroughly under running water. Put it in the bowl of the Multicooker Polaris.

washed peas in a sieve

2) Soaking peas plays an important role in the final result of the dish. Thanks to such a small trick you will get boiled and rich pea porridge.

peas in a slow cooker

3) The next step is to boil one liter of water and pour in the multicooker. Ensure that the liquid coats the grits on at least 1,5-2.

adding water to the slow cooker

4) Add salt and a small amount of allspice. To give the dish a delicate and savory taste, add your favorite spices, bay leaf and other seasonings.

adding seasonings to the slow cooker

5) Close the multicooker lid and select the appropriate cooking mode. For this dish is suitable mode "Porridge", but it is preferable to use the function "Beans". The cooking time is about 60 minutes. The slow cooker will select the optimum temperature for cooking. After you hear the signal, you need to open the cover.

all the ingredients in the slow cooker

6) To make porridge more saturated and tasty, ready-made peas can be crushed and mixed.

cooked porridge in a slow cooker

7) Pea porridge for the lean table is ready. Serve in portions, pre-decorated with greens and a pinch of ground peppers.

Porridge turns out saturated, fragrant, nourishing and nutritious. Despite the small amount of calories, you will feel a huge surge of energy and invigorating energy. Take advantage of the proposed idea and please your household with a tasty and useful delicacy.

Video recipe

Useful Properties

Peas are high in protein. At the same time, this product is absorbed much faster than meat products. The chemical composition of peas is saturated with macro- and microelements, acids, minerals and vitamins (E, A). Modern nutritionists argue that regular consumption of such a dish in moderation reduces the risk of oncology.

According to research, a pea delicacy has the following beneficial effects on the body:

  • growing muscle mass;
  • assimilation of nutrients in the body is accelerated;
  • functioning of the gastrointestinal tract is improved, weight is reduced, the body is cleared of salts, fluids and toxins;
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails. They become stronger and stronger;
  • thanks to vitamin A contained in croup, vision is maintained;
  • headaches, chronic fatigue, depression are eliminated;
  • immune system is restored.

This lean dish can have a healing effect and prevent some diseases.

We also offer a slightly different recipe - peas in a slow cooker.

Updated: 12.11.2018

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