Majadra - This is a dish that combines rice and lentils. Homeland majadra Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Syria are different. This dish differs from one nation to another in the proportion of basic ingredients and variations of seasonings. Nourishing majadra usually served in the middle of the week as a separate lunch.

Nutritional value of the Majadra dish (per 100 grams):

Calories 176 kcal
Proteins 7,62 гр.
Fats 4,22 гр.
Carbohydrates 28,74 гр.

Classic majadra consists of basmati rice, lentils, cumin, onion and garlic - everything is simple and tasty! Let's start;)


  • Basmati Rice - 1 Glass
  • Lentils (I have yellow) - 1 / 2 glass
  • Luk - 1 No.
  • Garlic - 1 clove
  • Kumin - 1 st.l
  • Salt
  • Olive oil


Step-by-step cooking

Shag 1

Washed lentils are placed in a saucepan, pour a small amount of cold water. Blanch the lentils on medium heat and remove the foam, simmer for 5 minutes.


Step 2

Dice the onion and chop the garlic finely.


Step 3

Put the cumin and garlic in the lentils, pour the 1 a glass of warm water and simmer for 10 minutes until the beans are ready.


Step 4

Put the washed rice into the prepared lentil and cook under the lid closed, watching the amount of liquid in the pan.


Step 5

Fry onion in olive oil until golden brown.


Step 6

Send onions and butter to the pan with majadra, salt and mix. We bring rice to full readiness.


Step 7

We lay out the finished majadra on plates, decorate with fresh greens.

Bon appetit!


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Updated: 23.07.2018

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