How to cook pea porridge in a slow cooker

Ready pea porridge in a plate

This dish is very loved by many since childhood. And it is also very useful: rich in proteins that help build the body's immune cells. Pea porridge in a slow cooker - a recipe for traditional Russian cuisine, which has been improved with the help of modern technology. More tasty pea porridge with meat.

You can cook porridge from peas in multivariate Scarlet, Polaris or in any pressure cooker - it all depends on personal preferences and desires. The recipes of this dish can be very diverse, but in any case, cook peeled peas porridge, as there is no shell in it.


Peas November 140, XNUMX
Water November 400, XNUMX
Onions November 50, XNUMX
Butter November 20, XNUMX
Sunflower oil November 20, XNUMX
Salt ½ tsp

Preparation course

1. Cooking in a multivariate begins with the fact that the pea groats are washed well under running cold water and soaked at least 1,5 h. This will enable the porridge to be boiled soft. Some mistresses leave pea groats all night, but in the case of the slow cooker, this is not necessary. This recipe assumes the minimum time for preparation of all ingredients.

soaked peas

2. Next, you need to clean and finely chop the onion. In the multi-cooker Polaris or Scarlet, the “Heated” mode is turned on, and then sunflower oil is poured into the bowl. After that you need to fry the onions until golden brown. Do not worry that the onions will burn. Usually the slow cooker heats up very slowly, and sunflower oil will not let the onions stick to the bottom of the bowl.

Fry onions in a slow cooker
3. There also add water and pea groats. Measure out the exact amount of food in grams is not always convenient. Therefore, you can take a multi-glass or a regular cup, which are attached to the unit, and measure one part of the peas and two or two and a half parts of water. Then close the lid in the Multicooker Polaris or Scarlet and set the "Beans" mode to about 1 hour. For those who love porridge as in childhood - liquid and pasty, you can use the "Quenching" mode with cooking time 120 min. You can add a little more water than the amount that recipes include. It must be remembered that the longer the pea porridge is in the pressure cooker after switching off, the thicker it becomes.

All Ingredients for Multi
4. After the signal in the multicooker, steam is released, as described in the instructions, and then the lid is lifted. This should be done carefully so as not to get burned. To achieve a puree-like state, you can additionally crush the ready-made peas.

crushed peas
5. The dish is ready - it remains only to lay it out on plates. This is how the finished pea puree looks like in the photo. For tasty, flavorful and nutritious pea porridge, you must add butter and salt. Then everything is mixed until homogeneous and re-placed on the mode of "quenching", so that the oil is completely melted and filled the porridge with creamy taste. If there are whole peas, it is enough to mix everything thoroughly with a spoon and the porridge will turn into a uniform mashed potatoes.

Cooked porridge on a plate

Video recipe

There are other recipes for dishes from peas. You can cook it with beef stew, smoked breast, smoked pork ribs, sausages, hunting sausages, fried bacon or mushrooms. We hope that you and your family will like our recipe. Also try another recipe. pea puree in a slow cooker.

No less tasty is obtained pea pod recipe without soaking.

Updated: 23.06.2018

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