How to cook porridge so that the peas boil down

ready peas in toe

Every day, thousands of young housewives face such a problem as cooking peas. Everyone wants pea porridge turned out boiled and tasty, and not “oak” and solid. The success of cooking depends on such trifles.

How to quickly cook peas to boil down the peas? What to do if he falls apart badly? How to choose the peas? How to cook peas without soaking? These questions need to be addressed to each hostess. If you understand everything, you will be able to diversify the daily diet with a very tasty, nutritious, aromatic and healthy dietary dish. To cook a tasty gruel, you will need some culinary tricks, secrets and subtleties that will help to achieve a successful result, as well as get rid of the tart pea smell.

Before proceeding to the recipe itself, it is necessary to consider all the subtleties of cooking in order to get a truly tasty and healthy dish. Important components are: the choice of cereals and the selection of dishes, cooking time, pre-processing.

Tips and secrets of cooking:

  • If the peas do not boil soft, and you want to get very boiled mush, then use green peas. Twenty minutes is enough to make it. Then you can grind with tolkushki or blender (more convenient).
  • Pre-soaking cereals. The point is this: the croup swells and cooks much faster. The extra specific smell leaves, since it is a huge lack of such a valuable and healthy dish. The ideal time for the soaking process is about ten hours, a little less.
  • Cooking on low heat. This is a prerequisite, since at high heat the protein in peas is rolled up, which will make it hard and hard.
  • Drain the water. After the peas stand in the water, it must be drained. For boiling take fresh water. Pour so that the cereal is covered on a centimeter 1,5.
  • If you do not have free time or patience for a ten-hour soaking in a liquid, then you can use a proven method. Take three liters of warm water and dissolve in it half a teaspoon of baking soda. Dip the peas in it. Literally in an hour you can drain the water, wash the peas and send it to the stove in boiling water.
  • Cooking and cooking time depends on the quality of the selected product. Usually the cooking process takes about two hours.
  • Dishes. The ideal option would be a pot with thick walls and a bottom. This will help avoid burning. If you use the usual dishes, you must often stir, so as not to spoil the taste of the dishes of the dish.
  • Salt. Do not rush to salt water at the very beginning. If you want to quickly boil the peas, then add salt at the very end.

Use the proposed tips, and you get a delicious, boiled soft, healthy porridge.

To make a special recipe, you need the following ingredients:


Peas 200 grams (one glass)
Salt pinch
Butter 40
Spices, black ground pepper to taste
Water 500 ml.
Dry and fresh herbs


Step by step preparation of the dish with detailed photos of the process:

1. The first and most important step is the selection of good cereals. Measure out the required quantity, rinse with warm water and soak in water.

peas soaked in water

2. Then drain all liquid and rinse thoroughly with running water. Take a thick-walled pot or a deep frying pan, send to the stove. Pour the washed peas into it, pour in some vegetable oil and add spices. Fill with water.

peas in a pot of water

3. Cover the pan with a lid, cook over low heat. Cooking time about an hour. While our peas are boiling soft, you can do other things.

boiled peas in a pan

4. After that, you can shift the mush into a more convenient saucepan, add butter, salt and mix thoroughly.

boiled peas with butter

5. Then take a blender or ordinary tolkushku, mash. If necessary, add boiled water or cream.

blender broken peas

6. You can serve portions. Tasty, healthy and boiled porridge ready. As you can see, cooking peas is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance.

So I told you how to quickly cook peas. Enjoy your meal! Cook with love and pleasure!

Video recipe

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Updated: 19.11.2018

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  1. Margaret

    And my mother-in-law advised me to add a pinch of soda to the peas. It turns out very tasty)

  2. Yuliya

    And I can cook pea puree only in a pressure cooker-slow cooker. On the stove, my patience is not enough, then the peas are not boiled soft, then burns, then liquid, then too thick. I will try to follow your advice, maybe it will work out at last! Thank!

  3. Alena

    How to cook peas is understandable, but my husband asked for porridge with meat, he said, he remembered the army youth. Tell me how to cook meat separately, peas separately or all together. Help the young mistress, otherwise I just found out about this dish today!

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