Add recipe

We have two options for adding a recipe: normal and step by step.

The preferred option is a step-by-step recipe, when the cooking process is divided into steps that you describe separately, accompanying each step with a separate photo taken during the preparation process.

In the usual version, you add the text of your recipe in the text box at the very bottom of this form.

Rules for posting recipes on VashKash.kom

  1. I confirm that all rights to the materials of the recipe I place belong to me, and I wrote all the texts myself and took photos.
  2. I confirm that in case of my violation of Section 1 of these Rules, I am ready to incur punishment from the administration of VashKash.kom.
  3. I confirm that by placing this recipe, I am responsible for compliance with the laws in the field of copyright of both the Russian Federation and other territories.
  4. I transfer the exclusive rights to use this recipe to VashKash.kom portal.
  5. I trust VashaKash.kom portal to protect my copyright to this recipe.
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